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We are a community of Lua developers from around the world.
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Channel for general announcements and random talk.


Ask coding questions, discuss the Lua programming language.


2D game development discussion using the love2d engine.


For people looking for jobs or seeking hires.

Plus many more...

Where is everyone?

This Slack community has a few channels today, new members are joining everyday. It will take time to build up this community.
Please pick the channels that interest you from the list above.
On desktop you'll need to click on Channels in the top left to preview and join channels.

And please invite your friends. The more members we have here, the bigger the community and support grows.


Be excellent / respectful to each other.
Keep discussions civilized.
We encourage group discussions by using the Start a thread option.
Use @all or @here sparingly (only when really necessary).
No advertising.
Don't flood the channels.